The Connex is a newly designed solution that has been developed by 300K Enterprises to address the time, cost and safety issues associated with maintaining spigot mounted light fitting systems. The lamp adaptor is simple to install onto existing poles and light mounting brackets making it a versatile, cost effective and quick solution.

Connex Features

The Connex has a unique design and is made from state of the art materials to ensure optimum safety and strength. The main body of the Connex is manufactured from an Engineering Polymer – PBT/PC, in order to get the desired characteristics such as UV resistance, strength, durability and low maintenance. Once installed, the shielded connector located inside the main body completely eliminates the risk of electric shock whilst changing out a faulty light fitting. The unique characteristics of the Connex are not limited to quality materials but also include several innovative and intelligent features:

  • concealed connection terminal (innovatively designed)
  • impact resistant (material characteristics)
  • light orientation (orientation teeth)
  • full load break rated contacts (400 Watts)
  • ability to change fitting without isolation being required


Connex Benefits

Unlike traditional lighting systems, the Connex offers major advantages such as safer installation, faster maintenance and just simply a smarter way of doing business.

Full Product information:

pdf Connex Composite Bodied Brochure