NuVo & NuVo PI

The most intelligent, energy & resource efficient LED Range in the market today…

Introducing the NuVo and NuVo PI*, an Australian design for Australian conditions LED fitting.
Designed to run at temperatures of 55 degrees ambient without sacrificing LED life by exceeding operating temperatures of the chips, unlike some other LED fittings currently on the market which are designed for operating in cooler northern hemisphere climates.
Designed to be a direct replacement but will actually outperform for existing 70W HPS – 80W MV fittings and incorporates direct 240VAC input.

300K has successfully combined the energy efficiency of LEDs with the resource and time efficiencies of the successful Connex range of fittings. While LED fittings advantages are widely known there have traditionally been two major stumbling blocks to their industry wide adoption…

→ Initial high cost of purchasing the fittings
→ The difficult and time consuming repairs and refurbishment

300K Enterprises went back to the drawing board with a clean sheet design and the result has been to produce an LED fitting with the lowest whole of life cost of any comparable LED fitting on the market.
The unique design and features of the 300K range of fittings allows customers to crystallise and capture real world cost savings and safety improvements. Savings for the customer are only just beginning with the competitive pricing resulting from the design optimisation process.
Initial installation takes no longer than a standard light fitting and once the Connex base is installed subsequent change outs can be completed in less than 30 seconds; this is due to hot swap ability of the Connex base. At the end of its serviceable life, the fitting can be quickly dissembled into it its major components for recycling. The fitting is 99% recyclable by weight which combined with a minimum of 50% power saving on an equivalent traditional discharge light fitting ensures you can minimise the environmental impact throughout its life.


The NuVo GP is designed as a straight forward plug and play device, while it is the entry level model it still incorporates all the clever design/standard features and energy efficiency that is found across the NuVo range.
As with all NuVo fittings it features the connex base with its “hot swap” abilities and the protective covers supplied as standard equipment.


The NuVo PI is the ultimate expression of the NuVo range of fittings, it is designed for clients who are looking to reduce their lighting maintenance costs to the absolute minimum while not compromising personnel safety.
The NuVo PI is equally at home on a mine site in the Pilbara or down a suburban street.

NuVo PI Website:

Interact with a demonstration NuVo PI which is mounted on our workshop wall in Tasmania.

View the range of data available, the only source of data are the sensors which are on-board the NuVo PI fitting itself.
You may wish to use only one or all of the functions available but it is intended to demonstrate what is possible.

visit the NuVo PI web link here

NuVo PI Industrial Application Video:

NuVo PI Utility Application Video: