300K recommences production

300K has recommenced production of its award winning NuVo range of smart LED lighting solutions through a new distribution agreement in the Australian mining services sector and trials in two African countries.

The distribution agreement with KBSS, a well-respected engineering and fabrication services business supporting the mining and infrastructure sectors, will see the lights used in their oil, gas and mining projects in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions.

300K General Manager Operations Mr Rod Illingworth said the company was very excited to sign the distribution deal with KBSS as it would increase their use and awareness throughout the mining industry.

“The NuVo range of smart LED lighting are designed to withstand the harsh dust, vibration and atmospheric conditions encountered in a range of crushing, milling, conveying and chemical environment applications,” Mr Illingworth said.

“They are able to run at temperatures of 55 degrees ambient without sacrificing LED life, outperforming existing 70W HPS – 80W MV fittings and incorporating direct 240VAC input.

“This makes them an ideal solution for the environments KBSS’ customers are operating in.”

The African trials include shipment of 40 lights to Rwanda and Namibia.

“A distribution agreement is in place with Somerset Africa who are managing product into Rwanda, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland,” Mr Illingworth said.

“We will update on these trials in the New Year, but the potential for our lights to be used throughout councils in Africa is looking very good.”