300K products provide a range of significant benefits which positively distinguish themselves from those of our competitors, and
which provide direct benefits to your company, employees and site contractors when adopting our solutions.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our Connex fitting and luminaires provide an additional layer of isolation by reducing/eliminating the risk of being exposed to
potential hazards.


Designed and demonstrated to operate in the harshest of environments (heat, cold, humidity, vibration and dust).

Lower costs over life of operation

Less frequent change-out, up to 85% faster.

Ease of fitment

Both our Connex fitting and our 300K luminaires can be installed by your maintenance personnel/contractors.

Low environmental impact

Low energy use reducing the need to replace.

Technological smarts

Patent products and ISO accreditations.

Broad light throw

In certain applications, the number of luminaires can be reduced

Ongoing Australian R&D

We can tailor our range of products to suit your needs.